Han Hyojoo’s flawless skin makeup TIP – [news]


Famous for her pure image and beauty, Korean actress Han Hyojoo looks perfect on cameras.

One of the reasons why she is famous for her refined, graceful image is her flawless skin. She looks like she has bright complexion and soft skin. Also she has puppy eyes. She also thinks it’s important to not to look as if she has thick stage makeup.

Han Hyojoo looks pure and beautiful as if she popped out from an anime. Let’s find out some of the tips to look flawless like her.

Han Hyojoo’s pure makeup Tip


Pure makeup should not like a stage makeup. To start a pure makeup, cleansing is crucial. To have a thorough cleansing, use a cleansing water removing eye and lip makeup as well.
Wash the face twice to make a clean, well moisturized face. Use enough moisture products.

After that, use a primer to cover the blemish and pores. Apply them with a brush or finger.

Mix moisture essence with foundation in 1:1 ratio to keep the moisture and look natural. To increase the coverage, mix b.b cream with foundation.

Also to look flawless, use concealer to cover the dark areas and blemishes.

Eye makeup should be simple as possible. Use curlers and mascara carefully to give volume to the eyelashes. Fill the eyelids with eye liner.

Make sure not to draw thick eye brows. Choose the color similar to your hair color when drawing eyebrows.

Next step is to give life to bright face makeup. Choose pink or coral colored blusher. Apply on apple-zone area drawing a circle with a light touch using a brush. For the lips, use lip glosses only.


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