Han Hyo Joo’s me2day updated – [12/31]


Hyo Joo updated her me2day on the last day of december 😀

12월에 마지막날, 이런저런 감상적인생각들에 마음이 어지럽습니다

English translation :

On the last day of December, this is a sentimental or another I think my minds is dizzy.

another updated :

글을쓰긴쓰는데, 지우는법을 몰라서 어지럽습니다.에서 끊겨 버렸네!ㅎㅎ반창꼬를 사랑해주셔서 감사드려요 160만 돌파라는 기사를 봤는데, 200만 넘으면 수오빠 공약이 기다리고 있다! 꺄!ㅎㅎ 앞으로도 반창꼬 많은 사랑부탁드립니다. 2013년에도, 우리.더 많이 웃어요^^

English translation :

Do not know how to write this, read the article is cut off cause of dizzy!. Thank you for “band-aid” become everyone’s favourite.I read that the article says Ban-aid gets more than1,6 million viewers at the Box Office, hopefully has reached 2 million viewers like my oppa Go Soo wish,we look forward of his commitment (oppa promise sister to ask a date)  ^ _ ^ Hopefully Band-aid to have more love in the future ,in 2013, would like to see more smiles ^^


One thought on “Han Hyo Joo’s me2day updated – [12/31]

  1. Good luck dear….Wish you get a great year with your new drama and new project…..as your fans we hope you have a nice boyfriend this year… someone who loving, encourage and support you…. how lucky he is 🙂

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