Han Hyo Joo ranked # 1 as Celebrity You want to spend the New Year’s day with – [survey][12/12/31]

Han Hyo Joo chosen as celebrity you want to spend New Year’s Day with

Han Hyo Joo ranked first  in the survey “The Best female to spend New Year’s day with″, conducted by Eduwill. About 10,791 people responded to the survey and 4,773 people of the respondents selected Han Hyo Joo as the first. Moon Chae won, who recently appeared on a drama, Nice Guy, took the 2nd place, gaining 4,722 people.

Han Hyo Joo, who draws lots of attention with pure and elegant look appeared on a historical movie “Gwanghae” who reached more than 12 milion viewers.

She also received a lot of love from the audience when she played a role as a doctor who would do just about anything to achieve her goal, with no interest in love in her new movie, Love 911 to hit the cinemas this month.

Meanwhile Han Hyo Joo is currently filming “Stakeout” with Jang Woo Sung and plays a different role than before.



copyright © newsen | [via : nate]


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