Han Hyo Joo’s Fashion Style for Marie Claire magazine Pictorial

One Piece decorative pattern sequin by LOUIS VUITTON, Rose gold Bvlgari rings collection by BVLGARI 😀 😀 😀


White coat and  sequins decorative pattern one-piece dress by ALEXANDER TEREKHOV, brown shoes by LOUIS VUITTON, both gold and silver collection bracelet by CHAUMET.


Go Soo : White Knit Cardigan Vivienne Westwood, gray pants by Wooyoungmi collection.

Hyo Joo : Angora knit top (Avelon by KOON), white long skirt by RE; CODE, Rings by Chaumet collection.


Flare Long Skirt (Avelon by KOON) , flat shoes by Animas code.


Go Soo : T-shirt by Alexander Wang, scarf by  Vivienne Westwood, pant by wooyoungmi collection.

Hyo Joo : patchwork detail shirt, gray wool top and gray skirt by RE; CODE, gold and silver rings by Chaumet collection.



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