Love 911 Turns The Box Office Around

‘Love 911′ of Han Hyo-joo and Go Soo has picked up the pace with the end-year box office performances.

Starting with the 4th ranking in the box office on 19th, ‘Love 911′ has swept past the ‘Honor of the Family 5′ and ‘The Hobbit’ to the 2nd place in the box office, behind the ‘Les Miserables’ and to the 1st place among the domestic films.

‘Love 911′ has garnered 100,000 attendees on 21st alone, adding up to the total of 400,000 attendees in aggregate. The 1st place on the box office on 21st was the ‘Les Miserables’, with 170,000 attendees adding to the 650,000 in aggregate. The 3rd and 4th place recorded 82,000 and 68,000 to the total of 170,000 and 280,000 in total.

The popularity of the movie is evident through the movie’s number of the screening. While the movie’s popularity has held up despite the heavy pressure on the distribution company NEW by the powerful multiplex cinemas and the distribution companies, some are voicing their worries about the damages to the movie’s popularity and reputation.

‘Love 911′ has only been screened in 410 cinemas with 1924 screenings in total. ‘Les Miserable’, in contrast, ran for 2487 screenings in 652 cinemas. Even ‘The Hobbit’, which had less number of attendees than the ‘Love 911′, had 585 cinemas with 2111 screenings.

The popularity of the movie, despite the difficulties, is obviously based on the power of the movie itself. Han Hyo-joo’s lively portrayal of the female lead and Go Soo’s stoic coolness as the firefighter has won the audiences over to the charms of the movie.

Ma Dong-seok, appearing as the head of the fire department, is another factor behind the success of the drama. Appearing in many of the successful domestic movie titles, his acclaimed acting skills have held even to ‘Love 911′, marking a new height to the movie’s hilarity.

With its explosive ascent, ‘Love 911′ has made the record of being the best performer on its opening day on the romance movie, sidelining all other movies like ‘Architecture 101′ and ‘Werewolf Boy’, recording 150,000 attendees on the beginning day alone. ‘Love 911′ is expected to be the curtain call of the domestic romance scene, at the end of the year of 2012.



One thought on “Love 911 Turns The Box Office Around

  1. What a wonderful, realistic and straight to the point comment and opinion. Thank you! Yes, it is sad that some situations are unfair. We hope that this will be corrected in the future. At any rate, Love 911, more power! More blessings and congratulations for a job well done. We hope and pray for all involved more success in all your coming projects most specially of course to our beloved- the beautiful and lovely Han Hyo Joo!

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