Han Hyo Joo pictorial for ELLE magazine January 2013 issue

source (p) : [elle][baidu-hhj]

1fb77ef082025aaf1c471512fbedab64024f1a12 6fe0a0345982b2b7e939501d31adcbef74099bed 29b59def76c6a7ef9a1cc3fffdfaaf51f2de6651 48bc3b7adab44aedf959d53db31c8701a08bfb7d 67d33412b31bb0512c83daf1367adab448ede0ed 77b6c5fcc3cec3fd6f0cccacd688d43f86942759 98ea9f58d109b3def2ca8fb1ccbf6c81810a4c12 763da4014c086e06f440569202087bf408d1cba0 5199f5dcd100baa1411e2c624710b912c9fc2e59 5199f5dcd100baa141162c624710b912c9fc2e51 6677f01f4134970a4eae78f695cad1c8a5865daa f8ded7b44aed2e7353f0edf58701a18b86d6fa77 c7539d529822720e0bd889237bcb0a46f31fab7d 03b57f8b4710b91259029e27c3fdfc0390452248


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