Merry Christmas Massage from our beloved Han Hyo Joo – [12/24]

Han Hyo Joo greet her fans with a special christmas message “Marry christmas and Happy New Year. Wishing all of you a lifetime of happiness and health, I always be with you”. 😀

Han Hyo Joo also draws cute “smiley” emoticon, cute couple rabbit and Christmas ornament. Her warm message and her cute drawing caught the attention. 😀




6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Massage from our beloved Han Hyo Joo – [12/24]

  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year too, Hyo Joo. May the new year bring you countless and bountiful blessings: happiness, peace and success in both your professional and private life.

    • dear abgonz : i see.. you are really loving Han Hyo Joo pure from your bottom heart. how happy i am so much. please dear keep your love to our hyo joo as ever as you can. hyo joo need someone awesome like you to support her. how blessed you are. you always came to here. and always give amazingly comments. thank you abgonz so much. keep it up. love ya.

      dear abgonz : do you ever came to han hyo joo soompi forum?

  2. Dear hyojoohan: how can I access Han hyo Joo Soompi forum? Of course, I’d like to join. Happy holidays to you and more power to all of us fans of Hyo Joo.

  3. Okay, hyojoohan. I’ve got it. I’ll register and join Soompi forum. See you in the site soon.

  4. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too, yes., We wish you a New Year miss Han Hyo Joo

  5. Princess Han, hope your Christmas is happy. Do you wear sneakers called sketchers? They are very popular in Florida, USA.

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