2012 Bandage aka Love 911 cast and synopsis | Han Hyo Joo ♥

The basic story was came out! whooa can’t wait for the movie ♥ 🙂


Ko Soo – Firefighter Kang-Il
Han Hyo-Joo – Doctor Mi-Soo
Ma Dong-Seok – Head of Firefighter team
Kim Sung-Oh – Firefighter Yong-Soo
Juni – Firefighter Hyun-Kyung

Kang-il is a 911 rescue worker who refuses to love anyone since he lost his wife. Tortured with guilt and regret that he wasn’t there for his wife when she’s dying, he loses all his will to live.

Mi-soo is a surgical doctor who would do just about anything to achieve her goal, with no interest in love. One day, she is sued by patient’s family because of her wrong prescription and needs a witness not to lose her license, and that witness turns out to be Kang-il.
Although she discovers that she was the very doctor who lost his wife on the operating table in the past, she tries to get close to him with the ill intentions only to use him as her witness. Yet when Mi-soo joins as a paramedic at his fire station, they slowly begin to fall for each other.

| cr : finecut |


2 thoughts on “2012 Bandage aka Love 911 cast and synopsis | Han Hyo Joo ♥

  1. can’t wait to see this movie. i am an avid fan of hhjoo. pls have this movie shown in philippine theaters

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