Han Hyo Joo’s in the Philippines for Charity Work (2007)

She’s Gorgeous. We glad she’s helping out Philippines People with Charity. She’s really happy based on her pics. Well filipino kids are really adorable despite how they smell and look. It’s just in our nature to be always happy despite the hardships that we are going through. Han Hyo Joo is amazing!…♥

Han Hyo Joo still has that innocence. We adore her smile and we find her extremely pretty when shes all dressed up, and cuter when she’s natural. She does look like she enjoyed herself and the boys probably all fell for her…♥

more photos & info? visit here:

Thanks for Visiting Han Hyo Joo Lovers aka HyoJoo Holic…♥


34 thoughts on “Han Hyo Joo’s in the Philippines for Charity Work (2007)

  1. something a good,will get a good thing to.god love u hyo joo

  2. i commented here just a few seconds .. but cant see it now. what happend?

  3. I am HyoJoo Holic…♥ hahahaha 🙂 i hope that more blessings to come in you..

  4. i really like HHJ.. when was this happened?? she visited Phil… really??

  5. 🙂 You’re Welcome, I’m not getting tired to visit here,

  6. good actress with a good heart..

  7. where does she came? where in the philippines??

  8. I wish Han Hyo Joo will comeback here in the Philippines not for charity work but for a project with Filipino artist 🙂

  9. han hyo joo is so kind… i really like the drama dongyi…

  10. I will always love Hyo Joo! I hope she gets to read our messages. We, her Filipino fans really love her!

  11. Isn’t it amazing that majority of the visitors of this site are Filipinos! We really love Hyo Joo!

    • yes.. filipinos is great, and you are great fan of han hyo joo. hope you will love hyojoo forever in everymoment ^^

  12. hi ur my idol her n philppnes

  13. Ms. HHJ is always welcome here in Philippines. Hope she will comeback. I like her a lot 🙂

  14. Soo admire this girl… Is she coming back here in the phil.? Hope so….

    • hi, maricon 🙂
      thanks for the comment.
      I think if you want her to promote dong yi to your country, you can try email or contact the TV station that brodcast Dong Yi (GMA??). As far I know she keeps promote to Japan cause NHK is the one who invited her so who knows after GMA knows that so many request of her coming they will invite her.

      • i wish u would come again here in the PHILIPPINES ! hoping to see meet you in personal .. take care .. love lots ❤ .. 🙂

      • Promotion is already too late since dongyi will be aired until friday… just hope that her movie ‘always’ will be showing also here in the philippine theaters.. and if not ‘always’ hopefully the upcoming one ‘love 911/bandage’.

  15. hope she could visit here in the Philippines……. she is very beautiful and i’m looking forward to see her in person i really like her since i first saw her in brilliant legacy……..and i’m so sad when Dong Yi end last night,,,is she have some movie or show coming up?

  16. we will surely miss seeing her on small screen since dongyi is already finished…

  17. hope to see Han hyo joo here in the Philippines………

  18. hi han hyoo joo im your no.1 fun i like your movie dongyi and shinning in heritence
    i hope you will visit phillipines again because i want to see u in personal

  19. and i visit dongyi in face book to

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